The duo episodes of Dil Mom Ka Diya went on air yesterday and the story has shown some major developments. The character of Ulfat has turned more and more hate able,  besides being a mean and selfish girl she has turned to be a  cruel and insensitive, the way she is passing rude and heartless remarks on Kulsoom’s looks are really a mean thing and is trying to create a rift in the family. Kulsoom has never done anything wrong with her ever then why is she being that mean to her? Moreover  Ulfaat misbehaves with Salma and it is seems like in her head she has decided that she is at war with Salma.

Moreover Ulfaat does what no one was ever expecting, she just to take revenge from Salma spoils the proposal meeting, Salma has arranged a tea for guests for Kulsoom’s proposal. Well it is Salma’s fault too as when Ulfaat came and asked for the help Salma rudely refuses her. Ulfat thinks to teach her a lesson for that she first does not show up to the guests and then when Salma excuses and made up a story, she suddenly comes up and embarrasses Salma in front of all the  guests.


Well Afzal is responsible for spoiling Ulfaat and adding to her false ego. The way she made Salma embarrassed in front of the guests is not an easily forgivable conduct but Afzal forgives it too! Well this is not what  Kulsoom deserves.  Akmal and Salma are super furious on this. It seems like Ulfaat is going to create a rift between the siblings.

Tamkinant has observed Ulfaat’s attitude towards her in laws and she has developed a view that she is  being unfair to them particularly Kulsoom. Tamkinant has been now friends with Kulsoom and kulsoom is really impressed by her kind and sweet nature. Well Azhar is already in love with her but now it seems that Tamkinant is also taking interest in him. Tamkinant crying on road scene was really cute. However after all what had happened it seems like chances of Tamkinant and Azhar’s wedding are really skim as Salma will not going to approve this . Well lets see what will happen in the next episode.