Another episode duo of Dil Mom Ka Diya was on aired yesterday and the drama which is based on the cute siblings relationship. Yasir Nawaz’s brilliant performance stands out in the whole play. The episodes starts when Azhar gets hurt with Ulfaat’s rude and blunt remarks. Not for a single second Ulfat has realized that Azhar ahs always been extremely respectful to him. Azhar reluctantly¬† expresses his desire to marry Tamkinat to his elder brother Afzal who agrees to fulfill his brother’s wish.

Well Ulfat is portrayed as a very vile character instead of being happy on this that her cousin will be married in her house, she is thinking that how dare she to think of being her equal! It is not acceptable for her to see anyone equating her even her own sister too. She is extremely mean and selfish. She insults Tamkinat badly and hurts her so bad that she refused Azhar for the proposal and asks her not to call her again.

Salma Appa and Akmal are strongly oppossing this idea too, the are of the view that¬† they have already suffered with Ulfat no more please. However it is quite unfair for Salma to hold an opinion about Tamkinat without even meeting her just opposing her because she is Ulfat’s cousin. Well Azhar is very dishearten with all these and he met an accident. Afzal makes his mind that he will not compromise on his brother’s happiness and he also convinces Salma for it.

Well despite so much strong opposition by Ulfat and her so much black mailings Afzaal asks Tamikinat ‘s hand for Azhar from Molvi Sahab, on which he gives his consent and Salma Appa put a ring on Tamkinat’s finger. The scene where Afzal is controlling Ulfat ‘s anger with his hand is really very cute. Well after so much opposition finally the engagement happens and One wonder will they really get married with so much opposition from Ulfat? Do watch the next episodes to see what will happen next.