Dil Mom Ka Diya one of my most favorite drama serial on aired its double episodes yesterday. The play is incredibly penned down by Saira Raza , she has very beautifully crafted the character of Afzal as we feel in love with the character and the play is brilliantly directed by Shahid Shahafat. These episodes move around Ulfat’s extreme level selfishness and meanness which is increasing day by day. This time she has crossed all her limits.

Ulfat goes to Kousar’s place and there she comes to know that Afzal has given so much in dowry to Kousar, she is burning inside on the fact that Afzal has spend so much money on her sister by selling his own home on top of that she sees Kousar wearing extremely elegant jewellery and that too was by Afzal ! Ulfat’s anger and jealousy gets out of control and she insults Kausar’s mother in law by saying that she is praising Kousar just because we have given her so much dowry. Fortunately Kausar’s in laws are reasonable people otherwise Kousar would have bear all the consequences. Afzal being a gem of a person have handled the situation very carefully. He goes to Kausar’s house at the same night to apologize to her mother in law.

However this all have created a certain distance between Ulfat and Afzal, he has hurt him deeply he is not going after her or trying to make her happy as he used to do before Ulfat is so self centered that she only love herself  and she do not even care about her own children. Afzal is noting her carelessness towards her daughter and things get worse when one day she finds her daughter bleeding and crying and Ulfat is in the other room watching TV. Afzal is seriously mad over this he scolds Ulfat and pushes her.

Well Ulfat being a mother is not worried for her bleeding baby and she is seriously injured but she is mad over Afzal’s scolding. She  left the house and created a hue and cry out of the situation and wrongly accused Afzal for beating her. Afzaal is resolute that he won’t bring her back.However, Salma and Kausar thinks that kids needs their mother, Kausar calls her and begs Ulfat to come back but she is not listening. Afzal is listening all the conversation he sais that he will not bring her back and will raise her kids on his own. Watch the next episode to know what will happen next.