After six decades worth of success and expectations Disney finally Landed in China and build a Disney resort featuring a Disney land park with Six Themed Lands and theme parks, extending its legacy of Disney Parks around the Globe. The sixth installment of the Disney Parks took 5.50 billion USD on its making and is said to be officially open for visitors June 16. This is the first of its kind opening in the Chinese Mainland, after successful ventures in Hawaii, France, Florida, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

We are taking everything we’ve learned from our six decades of exceeding expectations – along with our relentless innovation and famous creativity to create a truly magical place that is both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese”, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger.



As a joint venture of Disney and its partner Shangai Shendi Group, Shanghai Disneyland is created and designed to cater and appeal the Chinese visitors especially, a perfect blend of the best of Disney and delivering it in a way that would please every one.

Upon opening the park will include;

-Shanghai Disneyland, a theme park with six themed lands: Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination, Mickey Avenue, Tomorrowland, Treasure Cove and Fantasyland, with its Enchanted Storybook Castle.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel, imaginatively themed.

-Disneytown, an international shopping, dining and entertainment district.

-Wishing Star Park, a central point of the resort with beautiful gardens, a walking path and a glittering lake.

Shanghai Disney Resort Shanghai Disney Resort Shanghai Disney Resort Shanghai Disney ResortShanghai Disney Resort Shanghai Disney Resort



Of course after all the international market crashes a 5.5 Billion USD park is what China needed! If you ask us, first the Ghost cities and then a themed park, there’s a link here, maybe China likes to build things hoping somebody would find them and come later on.

But hey! If there’s some body looking to invest 5.50 Billion, we here in Pakistan would definitely welcome that! According to some math (which we’ve been doing ever since 2nd grade) We could have had 600 cancer hospitals , 5500 universities , 2 Dams and clean water for every one of us! I mean a Theme park is a very good venture but you know, Africa and Asia would be just as much or even more grateful for a clean glass of water!