The recent controversy about the purity of packaged milk had created various doubts and questions in the minds of consumers concerning the authenticity of the milk brands available in the market. Various concerns were raised and allegations were leveled that the packaged milk is unsafe for human consumption and detrimental to health as it contains harmful chemicals.

In September 2016 the Supreme Court of Pakistan took notice of the petition and in order to ascertain the quality standards of packaged milk products being sold in the country, the honorable Supreme Court had appointed a commissioner, a Barrister, to assist the court and ordered that samples of milk products be tested by different laboratories.

To share my personal experience when I had personally visited the milk processing plant and laboratory of one of the leading milk manufacturers in the country – the Dairyland at Dhabeji in recent past where I had witnessed state of the art facility of collecting milk using optimal hygienic conditions with no hormonal injections or antibiotics given to the cows. Although, I had certain doubts and misperceptions about tetra-packed milk before I had personally seen the entire grass-to-glass value chain process of the product with strict hygiene policies. During my visit, I had also met the veterinary doctors at the plant. After personally visiting the plant, I can safely say that packaged milk meets the most rigorous standards of quality and it keeps freshness intact and protects the milk from various contaminants and germs because the automated milking section is fully computerized and involved no human involvement with the milk which also gives no exposure to sun, light, air or even human touch.


However, following the controversy on social media and particularly after the notice taken by the court, I had contacted the team of Dayfresh Milk and asked about their viewpoint on the issue. Upon my inquiry, they had shared the copies of all the independent tests carried out by five leading laboratories in different cities of Pakistan including Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore (UVAS), SGS Karachi and Qarshi Labs, Lahore.


The said laboratories analyzed and submitted their reports that the milk samples found no adulterants and is not injurious to health as there is nothing harmful in the packed milk. Thus, Dayfresh has passed all the safety and purity tests and found to be safe and hence, it has been concluded that Dayfresh has been deemed fit for human consumption.

The representative of Dairyland further informed that they have also obtained ISO 22000 Certification for its production facility which is an evidence that it adhered to all legal standards as well as local and international quality specifications.

According to their representative, the reports were also presented and recorded by the Supreme Court.