With 9th Episodes down this play airing at HUM TV has somehow lost its hype and interest. It is more of a dragged and monotonous show, with the continuous and prolonged miseries of Amal, her helplessness over the matter and Mikaal and Shahmeer’s never ending dispute. Out of no where this man Mikaal who  literally married Amal to win his bet and the one who presents his bride to his cousin for raping at his wedding night gains his lost conscience and now writer is all set to show him as Amal’s knight in the Armour. A man that much sinned and flawed is now being glorified as a hero.

In this episode, Shahmeer  enters into the boutique where Amal works, claiming her as his girlfriend and orders dresses for her. Amal’s boss lady has realized the intentions of Shahmeer and she somehow senses that he is not a reasonable and decent guy. She tries to avoid him  by telling him that Amal has left the job when  he visits the boutique second time, but Shahmeer is insisting that he wants Amal to try these dresses and that he knows that she is hiding somewhere.

Mikaal out of no where appears on the spot and he stops Amal to try out the dress Shahmeer is demanding. He threats Shahmeer not to come in Amal’s way, they had a loud argument and Amal’s lady boss hears all that, she gives Amal her remaining salary and asks her to leave and to join Kulsoom’s boutique. Well Amal is not at all moved by Mikaal’s kindness or his changed attitude. She is not ready to forgive him which is good and right thing to do.

Mikaal’s fiance is too wild, she visits that girl’s home along with her mother, who claims that Mikaal has promised to marry her. Later we find that she is too interested in Mikaal. She is doing that to win him but then her mother who happens to be a sane person tells her that it is not a way to win someone’s heart rather by doing so she may lose her respect in Mikaal’s eyes well,  this logic makes her move and she eventually confesses in front of Mikaal’s fiance’s father that she was lying about Mikaal promising her and she did that just to tease Mikaal’s fiance. Well the episode ends when the girl claims that there is no understanding between Mikaal and his fiance making everyone shocked.