One of the trending drama serials on  HUM TV is Dulhan starring Sami Khan, Sumbul Raja and Faizan Khawaja in the main leads. The play moves around these three main characters. The story is bit unconventional but the plot and execution seems flawed at many places. Anyway the story still manages to hook the audiences to the screens.

One of the worst mistake makers  of the plays are committing these days is that they are trying to glorify the sinned and extremely bad characters eventually as the heroes, Mikaal does not seem an exception. Mikaal (Sami Khan) is the person who deceives Amal ( Sumbul Raja) in the pretense of love and married her, but on his wedding night he presents her to his cousin who is all set to rape her against a car. This whole plan of marrying Amal and then presenting her to Shahmeer is all a bet which both  the cousins have made in which Shahmeer rewards Mikaal with his sports car.

Poor Amal whose life is ruined by both these cousins has not yet recovered with the repercussions of this incident yet, she has lost her father and now her step mother has all the liberty to treat her the way she likes. Amal’s step mother never shy out to taunt her for that night incident but on the other hand she tries to be very nice with her as she is the sole bread earner of the house. Her step sister is so vile and jealous of her that she traps her in front of her mother, tries to demonize her and in return her step mother beats the hell out of poor Amal.

Well Mikaal is shown that he goes through an illogical and sudden transformation where he has realized that he has terribly wronged Amal. This sudden transformation is making no sense. On the other hand Mikaal is in huge mess as his fiance has literally done cat fight with Zubia who is just in fun claiming that Mikaal has promised her to marry him.  Now it seems hard that Zubia will clear this matter in front of Mikaal and his fiance’s family. Shahmeer on the other hand now wants Mikaal and his sister to get married as he has sensed Mikaal ‘s increasing inclination with Amal. Well one wonders what kind of brother Shahmeer is who is letting his sister marry a man who marries a girl just for a bet and presented her to him? Do you think Mikaal deserves to be placed as a hero?