Dunk with its super brilliant stellar cast is one of the most interesting thriller in the running, I wished that I would not have known the theme, have I not been aware about that what the drama is actually about I would have enjoyed it more. Unfortunately the maker of the play has killed the suspense of his own drama. Anyway the play apart from its pre-hyped controversies, the play is excellent in terms of its execution, performances and story. This episode in particular is quite powerful and it has come with a great Twist in the story. We get to know Professor’s side of story.

In this episode it is shown that  Professor’s inquiry is being held where both Professor and Amal will going to share their statements. Despite of Amal’s father refusal of not letting Amal go to the University, Haider insists and is being successful in taking Amal’s father permission of letting her go with him so that she can share her statement in the inquiry session. One of the bone chilling scene in this episode is when Professor’s daughter is asking her mother that is my father’s touch is  a bad touch? It gives us the idea that how badly an accusation can affect a person and his family.

The more bone chilling moments come when Professor shares his side of story in the inquiry session in the College Commitee. He reveals that it is all because of Haider, Amal’s fiance it is he who has sent a very inappropriate and vulgar video to his teacher, who is Professor’s colleague. It is Professor who is taking action against him but then Amal intervenes and she starts taking side of his fiance, requesting him not to take any action against him when Professor refuses to accept her request Amal goes at the length that he has not even dream of in his wildest dreams.

Amal blackmails Professor that she will going to accuse him for sexual harassment. The way she is threatening Professor and the way Professor is shocked gives goosebumps and it makes us realize that how a man is quite helpless in such situation. Amal herself locks the room, makes her hair look messy, she herself drops her dupatta and she is the one who wrongly accuses Professor according to his statement and his colleague also seconds his statement that Haider has sent her objectionable video. It is now Amal’s turn to record her statement.