Dunk Episode 4 is as strong as the previous one, in this episode we got to see Amal’s side of story and what mind blowing performances! These are the same characters and actors we have seen in a opposite scenario in the previous episode but here the scene is entirely different. According to Amal Professor has tried to use her fiance’s mistake to his favor and he tries to harass her sexually when she refuses to accept his shameless offers. Here Amal has agreed that Haider her fiance has sent objectionable video to their teacher Mrs Anjum but that was a mistake but it is Professor who tries to exploit them.

Well to our surprise, Haider loses his cool when he gets to know that Amal has agreed in front of whole inquiry panel that Haider has sent objectionable video to his teacher Mrs Anjum.  Amal tries to explain her that she cannot deny this fact as they have proofs and evidences of it. She tells that how can she deny when the panel has shown her screenshots of the video he has sent to Mrs Anjum? However this explanation is also not cooling Haider down, he is really mad at Amal.

Then we see glimpses of Haider’s side too and we sense that there is something terribly wrong with him. It is a fact that he has sent an objectionable vulgar video to his teacher Mrs Anjum and this is also a fact that it was a mistake as he is intended to sent it to his friend Anjum but he mistakenly sends it on his teacher contact. He admits that in front of his friends and Amal. Amal suggests Haider to apologize from Mrs Anjum.  Haider reluctantly goes but Mrs Anjum do not accept his apology, she tells him that she has passed his complain to the Head of the Department.

Well Haider’s getting mad on Amal accepting his mistake in front of panel is disturbing. It seems that he is manipulating things and maybe this whole Amal’s issue is orchestrated by him. Another most disturbing part is the trauma through which the family of the accused one goes. Professor’s daughter is struggling hard at her school. People are not ready to forget, they do not realize the fact that it is merely an accusation, nothing has yet proved but still they keep up their shaming game. Professor and her daughter’s suffering is so heart breaking.