Dunk drama serial’s another episode got aired yesterday at ARY Digital. The episode takes a tragic turn in the episode when Professor Humayun starts giving up, he simply cannot stand the pressure. Professor Humayun meets Haider in the University and there instead of reporting his last night conduct, he tries to make Haider feel bad and guilty over his act saying that he has shackled the confidence of his daughter on him and he wish that he will be blessed with a daughter but he pray that her fate will not be the same like his own daughter. Haider is  really feeling bad for what he has done.

Well the question I raised in the previous episode review is still valid that why Professor Humayun and his wife has not reported to Police and authorities about Haider barging into their house and he also attacked Professor Humayyun physically? Had Professor and his wife timely reported this incident it would have turned the case into his favor as this act of Haider will make him even more suspicious and it can make people think that it is none other than Haider who is orchestrating this whole issue. Anyway instead of reporting him Professor tries to make him feel bad and guilty through his words.

The episode is very artfully showing two families scenes in a parallel way.There is Amal and Haider  Dholki function going every one is busy in the festivities. While on the other side Professor Humayun and his wife seems super tensed. Among those festivities Haider is still feeling bad and sad. Professor Humayun fails to defend himself in front of the inquiry committee in this session. It seems that he has made his mind to give up. He asks his wife and daughter to leave the house and stay with her sister for a while. The moment when he is bidding farewell to them, kissing his daughter and his wife is so heart breaking.

Amal and Haider are all set to start their new life journey. Amal now seems a dominating and lively girl unlike what we have seen in first two episodes. There is no hint of trauma in her. Had he been truly harassed she would have been still shocked and disturbed but she is all happy. Professor’s wife is suspecting that there is something wrong with her husband. She is calling him again and again but his phone has turned off. She goes at her house and there she finds his assistant too who says that he is too worried for him as he is not showing up in the inquiry session and he is not picking up the call and moreover he is not answering the door bell.  He on Professor’s wife’s demand jumps into the house and open the gate door. Professor’s wife finds his husband dead in the house.