Dunk Episode 7 is a very powerful one, where we all get to know that it is Amal who has done all that and Haider is innocent, he is not like what we were anticipating about him. It is not Haider who is orchestrating this whole situation it is Amal who is manipulating everything. Haider is just being used by  her.  The performances in this play are super brilliant be it Yasra Rizvi , Sana Javed or Bilal Abbas everyone has given their best. This episode is so heart breaking and tragic when it shows the tragic suicidal death of Professor Hummayun.

Well Amal’s friend’s character is not making any sense she is the one who breaks the news of  Professor’s suicide to Haider and she seems genuinely grieved at his death and at his funeral but then she is the one who when sits with Amal saying  that she is on her side. It is shown quite exaggerating that there are not much people at his funeral and there is shortage of men to shoulder his coffin so Professor’s wife gives her shoulder. The scene where Professor Hummayun’s wife sees her husband’s dead body and the way she puts hands on her daughter’s eyes is so heart breaking.

Haider seems so disturbed on hearing Professor Hummayun’s death, he takes his friend there and when she tells him that there is shortage of men to shoulder his coffin it is Haider who steps forward and takes the coffin from Haider’s wife. He has fully realized the burden of his sins and that how he has ruined not just Proffesor Humayun’s life but his family’s too. Proffesor Hummayun’s sudden death has raised questions about the accusation, people are of the view that he was wrongly accused. Amal once again is in problem but it seems that she is so vile that even Professor’s death has not made her guilty for her sin.

Well in the end it is shown that Haider knows Amal’s reality in the previous episode when he over hears Professor and Amal’s conversation outside the committee meeting hall where Amal clearly tells him that he is facing all this because he refuses to accept her request and also that she is feeling sorry for him as he is innocent while Haider gets away with everything even after committing the mistake. Haider feels so used. He recalls how Amal has evoked his anger by accusing him of trying to sexually harras her  and used his anger against Professor. Well knowing Amal’s ugly reality will Haider still going to marry her?