Dunk drama serial airing at ARY Digital is one of the most powerful and engaging drama serial. Based on a real life incident this play is about the tragic death of a Professor who was wrongly accused by one of his female student for sexually harassing her. This episode begins showing two different household scenes in parallel there is Professor’s wife mourning his husband’s death then there is Haider and Amal’s family who is busy in their wedding festivities. Amal has literally no feeling of remorse or guilt over Professor’s death, she is busy and happy in her wedding preparations.

Haider on the other hand is battling with his inner turmoil, he is extremely guilty on his past conduct. He is badly regretting that why he goes at Professor’s house and he has created that scene  which eventually becomes the reason for Professor taking his own life.  Haider is feeling too bad on being used by Amal. Haider is not feeling happy nor he is getting involved in any wedding preparations. He is lost in his own world where he is getting flashbacks of what he has done  with Professor and how Amal has faked herself of being the victim and used his anger.

Professor’s wife is fighting alone with her daughter from the grieve, her sister asks her to come and live with her but she refused she says that she wants to live in this house with his husband’s memories. The scene is so heart breaking when little Ghanna is writing Miss You Card for her father. Another heart wrenching scene is when Professor’s wife reads the letter Professor has written for her in which he says that he had no choice, he had lost his daughter’s pride in him. Even if he wins the case things would never going to be same. The way Professor’s wife cries over that letter is so heart clenching.

It seems that Haider has come to a conclusion, he has made up his mind that he will not going to marry Amal no matter what happens he simply cannot accept her after what she has done with Professor and  his family. He is trying hard to convince his family to call off this wedding but no one seems ready to even listen what is trying to say. Amal is worried because Haider is not picking up her call. Haider goes at the Mayon Function in his casual outfit . Will Haider be able to leave Amal and fix the ruins of Professor’s family?