One of its own kind Upcoming flick Durj  featuring Shamoon Abbasi may not be releasing in Pakistan! as has been denied censor certification unanimously by both Provincial and the Central Board of Film Censors of Pakistan. Danyal Gilani, Chairman CBFC told  that the film Durj was watched by the board members in light of the established laws and it was with consent of all decided that the it wasn’t appropriate for public screening.  ‘Durj’ failed to get censor certification from all three of the censor boards in Pakistan. Other than the Central Board of Film Censors, Sindh and Punjab have their own boards, while Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa follow the directions of Central Board. “Durj” is a story based on cannibalism in which certain people are shown digging graves to eat the dead bodies. Besides the director and writer of the film Shamoon Abbasi has played a lead role in the film, the other cast includes Maira Khan, Sherry Shah, Nouman Javaid, and Hafeez Ali.