A clear vision and perfect eyesight is indeed one of the greatest gifts of God, however, in the age of technology and smartphones, weak eyesight is a problem with every other person. Wearing glasses or lenses can be an exhaustive exercise too, there is always a fear of losing glasses somewhere or wearing lenses and glasses can be irritating and annoying too at times to some people. Well, here is a good news you can enjoy Spectacles free clear vision now! Yes by just going through the procedure of Topo-guided LASIK by Hashmanis! By that you can get rid of your contact lenses and glasses.

LASIK is a commonly performed laser eye treatment to cure myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. It is a painless procedure and it roughly takes just 10 minutes for both the eyes while the results of the procedure can be experienced within 24 hours. There is a pre Topo-guided LASIK test to examine and ensure that eyes are healthy for that procedure. It will check the pupil size, thickness of the cornea, evaluate the shape and also check for any eye disease.

The question arises in mind that why to choose Hashmanis? Why not others? What is so special about them? The answer to such queries is simple that Hashmanis Hospital is well equipped and highly advanced in Pakistan with highly experienced surgeons and has performed numerous LASIK procedures. Hashmanis Hospital is the only hospital which is performing Topo-Guided LASIK in Pakistan. Here Hashmani offers refractive error corrections ranging from -28to +6.


Hashmanis Hospital has qualified surgeons and they have years of experience as they are performing LASIK since 2004 and have the most advanced equipment and they are also offering a newly introduced Topo-guided LASIK procedure. Benefits Of LASIK procedure is Early rehabilitation and freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

Unfortunately 30% of all potential patients are not suitable candidates for LASIK as Hashmanis follows strict international eye health parameters to deliver quality results. Common reasons which make one unsuitable for LASIK treatment are

* Thin or irregular cornea

* Large pupils

* High refractive error

* Unstable vision

* Dry eyes

* Pregnancy

* Degenerative or active autoimmune disorders

* Glaucoma

* Uncontrolled Diabetes

Hashmanis are following international standards when it comes to procedures and treatment. This is the reason why their success rate is unbelievably high. It’s amazing for people to live a glasses-free life, thanks to the entire team of surgeons at Hashmanis.