This time its big, his latest music video ALVIDA is a treat to the listeners and viewers. It features leading actress Abeer Rizvi who added a great value to the video.

Deemed as a ballad that explores love and  loyalty, it is a pleasant surprise for all those who are looking for something tranquil to add to their playlists. Singer Faisal Akhtar, seems to have a knack for serenading, as apparent by this track and the music video. It is also a leap towards a different direction from his last single, Juda which had a different sound.

“The inspiration behind every song I ever make are pretty basic sometimes they would come from random events taking place in my life or the people I know.”

The singer also derives inspiration from a bunch of successful musicians. “In Hollywood, I love Enrique, Adele, Micheal Jackson. I have a long list when it comes to the artist I listen to and admire. In Asia we have Atif Aslam, Junaid Jamshed, Strings and many more,” he said.
Having said that, Faisal takes pride in the fact that he got to this point solely through his own talent and consistency. “I take pride in being an independent artist. I am a self-made man, no one introduce me to the industry. It was me who took all the time to reach where I am today,” he said.
And with that, we’ll be on the lookout for the artist’s album. Plus, he also has a new singles and videos in the pipeline. Till then, you all can enjoy this soulful track. Safe to say