Well who doesn’t love cool decorated interiors, the one which fascinates others and give us a sense of class and sophistication. Well there are fewer places in city which provides such classy yet exquisite interior brand, but it seems that the wait is now over, good news for Karachities as they can adore their home not only with luxurious furniture but a style statement. Recently, in Karachi at Ittehad Commercial, Phase VI DHA a new furniture and interior decoration brand has launched with the name of Interieur 360.


Interieur 360 is the flagship store and the owners have huge plans as well. One can tell that the brand is stronger than the rest based on the announcement made by Mr. Junaid, CEO – Interieur 360, at the launch event i.e.

“Prominent and esteemed Faysal Quraishi will be the Brand Ambassador of Interieur 360 for straight 5 years and in December 2018 the brand will make another gigantic move”

Faysal Qureshi is one of those  celebrities who have  a goodwill and they have proved themselves as quality entertainers, individuals and responsible citizens of Pakistan. Faysal is a very homely name and people trust his selection.


When beauty meets talent 😍 #Interieur360Launch #Interieur360 #furniture

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The launch event of Interieur 360 was star studded one, with  many media personalities and social media persons , furniture’s USP and its brand ambassador over social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The event was very well managed and everyone was give due time to get snapped with the owners, team and the celebrity present at the launch. Faysal Qureshi was gifted with a Souvenir by Mr. Tariq and Mrs. Qureshi was gifted with an antique clock.


Interieur 360 is high-end furniture and interiors brand which promises to deliver the best and most sorted out stylish products, plus it also guarantees to provide you with a style statement. Do visit their store to check out more fascinating stuff.