Film South Asia (FSA), is a film festival which takes place in Kathmandu after every two years. FSA organizes screenings, discussions and workshops across South Asia to promote South Asian non-fiction films within the Subcontinent and around the world. As Pakistani cinema is passing at its Renaissance phase,it’s a proud moment for us all, as the 20th year of FSA will feature 63 non-fiction films, five of which are documentaries from Pakistan!

1.’Among the Believers’ The dcumentary examines the increasing political and religious turmoil in Pakistan since when the War on Terror initiated, with specific attention to the Red Mosque (Lal Masjid) and its network of madrasas.


2.’A Girl in the River’ follows the story of a nineteen-year-old girl, who survives an honor killing attempt by her father and uncle. She maintains her a solid stance on not forgiving her attackers; despite of all public pressures of forgiving them.

3.’Perween Rahman: The Rebel Optimist’ is a documentary about social worker Perween Rahman, who dedicated her life for the poor of Pakistan, but was shot dead by armed assailants on her way home in March 2013.

4.’K2 and the Invisible Footmen’ documents the unsung efforts of Pakistani porters, who for decades have facilitated the ascent of the Earth’s second-highest mountain.

5.’Lyari Notes’ is about four young girls that routinely travel from Lyari to a musical school in another area. The travel is long and dangerous, plus the girls’ families are not always supportive of their desire to learn music as they feel that it violates Islamic law.