Another exciting new episode of Ghar Titli Ka Par went on air yesterday and the story  has shown some major developments. The drama is well knitted by Samra Bukhari and is well directed by Mohsin Talat. Well in this episode there is no much development but that Shafaq is heart broken and finally she gives up and leaves for Karachi. She has now no hopes from Azar.

Shafaq’s bhabi tries her best to convince Azar for Shafaq’s innocence and furthermore she reveals the news for Shafaq’s pregnancy. Azar misbehaves with her bhabi and shows that he is not moved with this news but after that when he returns home he shares this good news with Anjee and brought Mithaee too with him. Furthermore he is such a hate able character like Anjee that he said that Anjee will take care of his child not Shafaq.

Anjee is such an evil character that she brainwashes Azar by saying that maybe this pregnancy news is made up one and Shafaq’s bhabi has created this just to trap him. Azar seems like influenced with Anjee’s views. Azar’s maid and neighbors are now pointing on Azar’s character that he has thrown his wife out of the house and now living with a stranger women. Arsalan too got this news through Azar’s maid and now he is resolute that he won’t divorce Anjee at any condition.

Shafaq is waiting for Azar but she is broken when he sees nothing coming from his side. The news of his pregnancy has not moved him at all. This is the point where Shafaq loses all hopes and makes her mind that now she will stay strong and will live for his child. She finally decides to leave for Karachi. Shafaq’s Bhabi is trying to make Shafaq strong she reminds her that Anjee once tried to break her relationship with her fiance (now husband) too but it she who stood strong and saved her relationship and in similar way Shafaq should save her home as Azar is her husband and father of her child so she should not give up and fight for her rights. Lets see what will Shafaq do to save her home. Watch Geo on next Thursday to see what will happen next.