Another new episode 29 of the most popular drama serial Ghar titli ka Par aired yesterday. The drama is about Anjee’s selfishness and plotting against Shafaq. The highlight of this episode includes Anjee’s demanded Azar to divorce Shafaq. The episode begins when Aftab is getting married with that nurse and apparently it seems that the nurse is a good lady and she is taking goodย  care of the kids.ย  Anjee tells Azar that Aftab got married and further on she demands Azar to divorce Shafaq.

Azar apart from being a selfish person still loves Shafaq and therefore he refuses to divorce Shafaq which has further burns Anjee as she is already upset for Aftab’s wedding and now even Azar is not fulfilling his demand. Shafaq calls her bhabi and tell her all the situation and asks her to come to her place, her bhabi is bit reluctant to come to her place.

It seems like Shafaq is pregnant because she is continuously facing health issue and dizziness. However still she don’t know about this and nor she has ever discussed her condition with Azar. Moreover the evil Anjee spitted vile on her every now and then, she even tells her that Azar will soon going to divorce her and on top of that she never misses any chance to plot against her when ever she gets but she is failing every time.

Shafaq calls Azar and tell him that Anjee is saying that he going to divorce me and she starts pleading him not to divorce her, but Azar ‘s reaction on it was so strange instead of comforting her and assuring her that this will not going to happen he tells her that he is right now buy in office and that he will call her later. Such a mean and hateable character he is! Well will he eventually going to divorce Shafaq on Anjee’s demand ? or Shafaq will able to save her marriage ? Do watch the next episode to see what will happen next.