The  very new exciting episode 27 of much popular drama serial Ghar Titki ka par went on air yesterday.The episode begins when Shafaq’s bhabi give her tips on how to save her home and she advice her to bring Anjee’s kids home according to her this is the only way Shafaq can save her husband from Anjee well as we see further it is not at all a bad idea it is working! Yes Shafaq is back firing now and Anjee seems helpless at many places.

Shafaq brought Anjee’s kids home after lots of pleading to Anjee’s husband as he is not ready to send his kids to Anjee. Well Anjee’s reaction to see her children was normal she is happy but she gets her first shock when she asks Shafaq to make fries for her kids, Shafaq directly refuses to make fries and her breakfast and tells her that everything is in the kitchen she can make her breakfast and her kid’s food on her own.

Azar on the other hand is bit intolerable with the kids. He is being very rude to Anjee’s child and it seems that these kids issue will create differences between Anjee and Azar , and for all this credit goes to Shafaq’s bhabi for such a brilliant idea and Shafaq for such smartness. Anjee’s children creates lot of mess and Anjee is irresponsible as ever and this is really making Azar upset and he can not tolerate kids, he wants  Anjee’s husband keep the kids.

The ending scene is really amazing when Sahafaq in a very melodramatic manner asks Azar to take her out for a dinner but Azar is taking Anjee and kids to Funland, Shafaq very smartly says that no problem she will go with them too on which Anjee says that if Shafaq is going then she will not go and then went to her room hoping that Azar will come for her but it does not happened. Yes Instead of going after Anjee Azar comforts and consoles her crying wife Shafaq. Yes Shafaq is now very smartly playing her part to save her husband and her home. Well now Anjee will not stay quite on this she will too try her best to snatch Azar from Shafaq. Watch the next episodes to see what will happen next.