The very  exciting new episode  of Ghar Titli Ka Par on aired yesterday. The story has taken certain turns but it still  bit slow, yes Anjee is still at Azar’s place, poor Shafaq is facing all the mean and selfish attitude of Anjee. She takes care of her kids but still she keeps on taunting her. Anjee is now showing her true colors.

It is shown that Anjee’s husband is now interested in the nurse Atiya who looked after his son, he keeps seeing her on and off and he visits her place too.Well the house where Atiya lives is shown quite a luxurious one, too luxurious for a nurse! Anyways he proposes Atiya who initially declines as she don’t want to break his relationship but when Anjee calls and demands for divorce herself, she agrees. Well strange thing is that when he told Anjee about his getting married to Atiya she gets shocked on hearing this.

Well Azar is portrayed as one of weakest character, for me its as hate-able as Anjee. He is so mean and selfish that he never feels for the poor Shafaq. He taunts Shafaq all the time and he could not see how badly Anjee treats her. She is her wife but it seems like she got no rights. Anjee is a such a hate able character especially in the scene where she is misbehaving with Shafaq and openly challenging her that she will take over her home and husband is too overly done and the way Shafaq is pleading her to leave her house is again very unrealistic, she should have been strong enough to fight for her home and rights.

Well there at places where Azar expresses his rights over Shafaq and it just burns Anjee like hell but she is an absolute evil she is resolute to snatch away Azar from Shafaq. Azar’s taunts to Shafaq on Hasaan and then not allowing her to go to Karachi on hearing about Hasaan’s accident reflectsthat he is highly possessive about Shafaq and won’t leave her easily.Well lets see will Shafaq fight to save her home and husband or Anjee will succeed in her evil tricks. Watch the next episodes to know more.