The exciting new episode of Ghar Titli Ka Par Episode 33 went on air yesterday, partial part of it got on aired last week but full episode was not on aired because Defence day show was on airing that time so yesterday full 33 episode got on aired. The drama has taken some interesting turns. Azar is now regretting on his unfair behavior with Shafaq but it is now too late. Damage has been done. Azar is shown such a pathetic and hate able character that despite of realizing that Anjee did bad with Shafaq he has not doing anything.

Shafaq has now made up his mind to live happy and strong for her child and will support herself by doing any job but she will not return to Azar at any cost. She can bear anything but she will not allow him to do her character assassination. She stopped her Bhabi not to talk with Azar and worry about his future life, she is trying her best to be happy and strong.

Azar is now comparing Anjee’s life and his behavior with Shafaq’s. Azar is fed up from Anjee’s carefree lifestyle and the mess she creates around. She know nothing about homemaking whereas Shafaq is always an all rounder expert  who do every household chore in very fine way. Azar also notices that Shafaq never talk ill about Anjee but in fact she used to praise her but when compare it with Anjee she is always talk bad about Sahafaq. Azar also discusses this with Anjee who very rudely  passes remarks that Shahfaq praises her because she is praiseworthy but why would she praise her?

Well  another event happened which worked as an eye opener for Azar. Azar and Anjee went to a restaurant and the same waiter who was naming Shafaq the other day, recognizes Anjee and started calling her Shafaq and starts complaining that why she used to flirt with her. Azar was startled with this and now it is confirmed to him that  his Shafaq is innocent and that he has wronged her. He accused her for breaking her house and to ruin her friend’s life. Anjee backfires and said that okay I am her so called friend but you were her husband what you did with her so don’t blame me. Well it seems so weird that knowing Anjee’s true face Azar has not yet thrown her out of his house. Do watch the next episode to know more.