Well another episode of the most popular drama serial Ghar Titli Ka Par went on air yesterday and the drama has taken some serious major turns. Azaar has now fully realized the fact that she has wronged Shafaq and the real image of Anjee as a loose character fraudulent has been revealed to him. She is a kind of a girl who will flirt to others and get expensive gifts and jewellery in return. She is the one who is shamelessly living with her in his house.

Anyways Azhar very straight forwardly shuns Anjee and asks her to leave the place and go to her mother’s place in Karachi and further more he clears that he will not going to leave Shafaq as she is his wife and and is expecting his baby. He says he got no intentions in marrying her, on which she tries to blackmail him on which Azaar shows no reaction. She even tries to create a drama by shouting loudly on her gate just to blackmail Azar but Azar instead of  calming her down he just leave the place.

Anjee realizes that Azar is not like Aftab who will bear her shouting. Anjee receives divorce papers  from Aftab and a cheque. She makes her mind that she will take her children and will blackmail Aftab for their living expenses and will not leave any money for his second wife. She makes a plan she calls her mother and lie about Aftab that he had thrown me out of the house and he married someone else and that she was left with no option but to live  at her friend’s house. Now her plan is to defame Azar too in front of their eyes.

Azar is trying to call Shafaq but Shafaq is not receiving his call. Azar deserves this treatment ! after what he has done with Shafaq and he has realized his mistake too late! Shafaq is trying to be strong and for her, her self respect is most important. Before going to Karachi Anjee goes to Azar’s office and almost beg him to forget all what had happened but Azar shuns her on which Anjee blackmails him that she will create the same drama here in the office what she did in the house and she further said that she is observing her iddat in Karachi but she will return. Watch the next episode to Know what will happen next.