We believe that Martin Scorsese should start recruiting Virgins and start giving them healthy diet to boost their blood production, because the task he is pursuing is going to need a lot of it, Here’s why, his upcoming(not so early)Epic Mob film The Irishman which scored quite a lot in Cannes where the deal might go as much as $50million. The Movie is starring

Robert De Niro,

Joe Pesci,

Harvey Keitel

and Al Pacino

The story is based on Frank Sheeran’s crime life and stretches the time period so the actors will be appearing in their youth to fulfill their roles and that presents a massive task for the production team to accomplish, they are taking examples from The Curious Case of Benjamin

Button and amazing de-aging done on Hank Pym in The Antman.

Although the idea of these legends working in the same movie is gold in itself and it keeps getting better by the minute but Scorsese has been trying to get Joe Pesci come out of his semi-retirement. So far  Joe has turned down the offer and he does not seem to say yes any time soon

The project has been too long in the pipeline or in the tooth to be exact and its nowhere to be on the silver screen any time soon, which is kinda sad.

But hey! A quality work do require some time and after all those wrinkles ain’t gonna go away that easily!!