Anaa the drama serial, starring Hania Aamir and Shehzad Sheikh in the lead roles, the makers have released the very first teaser of the play. The story seems to be an interesting love story. From the teasers we can make out that the drama revolves around two modern day Nawab families based in the valley of Chitral.The play is penned by Mann Mayal famed  writer Samira Fazal, Anaa is bringing Shehzad Shaikh and Hania Aamir  for the first time  on the screens. The teaser features Daneen (Haania Aamir) as a happy-go-lucky, childish and bubbly girl who does not take anything serious in life. Her immaturity is a matter of concern for her mother played by Seemi Raheel, who thinks she won’t find a suitable match due to her childish acts. Areesh (Shehzad Sheikh) is interested in Daneen and Daneen thinks that if she would not be able to find a suitable match, she would marry Areesh.