Hamza Ali Abbasi handsome, bold and owner of a very sexy voice! Unfortunately the actor doesn’t really know when to use that voice, because when he opens up about something, half of the audience swoons and the other half scorn. The actor who gained popularity from his wonderful acting in “pyarey Afzal”, is hell bent on defaming his Pyari sa Pyarey Afzal wali image…

This is a talent, when it comes to Hamza, ALWAYS getting into controversies. LOL. He even creates many when there are none!

Let’s ponder over the recent one, Dude gets signed up by AAj TV for their Ramadan show, he should’ve been happy, no?

Of course he was!! So Happy that forgot he signed the contract for a show sponsored BY COKE and goes off to work on and Advertisement FOR PEPSI. Dude was happy for sure!


But the Chanel or Coke wasn’t! Soon, the news of Hamza being kicked out of AAJ Spread around. However since the Chanel paid for everything and time was running they found out some loop holes, ALL FOR HAMZA’S SAKE, and adjusted him in AAJ News. HE should have been happy by now at least?!


He went on to discuss Ahmedis in his show, I mean, who does that?! POOR AAJ NEWS, now they were in trouble, not only did PEMRA ban HAMZA , but the only condition to reverse that is , a formal apology by the channel itself!

What many people don’t know is that Our beloved Hamza is preparing another controversy in the midst of this. Being a staunch follower of Imran Khan, who admittedly is not a big fan of Ahmedis, Hamza is creating problems bigger than his pretty head can fathom right now…


One Man single handedly caused a network such troubles and embarrassment in the span of a few days, talented for sure!

and here its the patriotic and religious first look of HAMZA ALI ABBASI facebook page :p



and this