People and particularly some famous media gossiping pages and bloggers are quick to make stories out of nothing without realizing the fact that they are playing the role of Slanders, damaging one’s reputation by their gossiping. This ain’t cool at all. It’s a sin! This what actually happened with Mahira, she was slut shamed for smoking and was labelled what not? and on top of that a mark on her back was labelled as a love bite which is actually a after surgery mark, it all very disgusting and  shameful. Hamza Ali Abbassi came forward and he recorded a video message saying that he is witness of that cyst removing surgery which left a mark on her back and that those pages should apologize.


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He further said, “To smoke a cigarette is bad for both men and women. I also smoke at times but it is wrong and one shouldn’t do it. For a woman to smoke is just as bad as it is for a man”. He further added “What pains me is to see how things are exploited on the social media just to increase likes and views. The scar which you see on Mahira’s back is the mark of a cyst whose surgery she had. not a hickey or a love bit as being rumored.”