World is reverting back to the Organic products. Herbal Products, be it in  medicines or skincare products  proved to be harmless comparatively to the chemical products. Hemani Products are such effective range of Herbal Skincare products. Here is a little review of  some of Hemani products that one should give a try.

HEMANI’S ‘Anti Hairloss Shampoo’ and ‘Amla Hair Oil’

Both the products are made to make the hair smooth and nourished.  Anti Hairloss Shampoo  helps in tackling the hair loss issues where as Amla Hair oil nourishes, it is the best conditioner. The Amla  oil claims to improve memory and brain health as well which  what an added perk of using herbal products. The aroma is bit too strong but results are effective

HEMANI’S ‘Quick Fit Cream’

HEMANI Quick Fit Cream is the  best remedy for relieving the pain and stress as the continuous working might result in muscular pain particularly back and shoulder ache. The cream ensure a quick relief to all such pains  and it got a soothing aroma of  eucalyptus. Carry itin your bag everywhere you go as it is the Instant Pain Relief.


HEMANI’S ‘Cucumber Soap’

The Hermani Cucumber Soap helps to tackle the  problem of dry skin to a great extent. It moisturizes the  skin and gives it a refreshing glow.


Hemani Slim Tea bags ensures weight loss

Overall Hemani Herbal products are effective and it certainly does not cause a big dent in your pocket.