With the evolution in the make up industry , we are introduced with new products very frequently. One of those products which have gained immense popularity is the highlighter also called the illuminator.Almost every other make up brand have this product in their range, Whether we talk about the high end make up brands or the drug store brands, they all have a highlighter , it all depends upon your affordability from where you choose to buy. What I witnessed is that there are a number of women who can’t afford the high end make up brand highlighters and hence they resort to their fake counterparts known as the first copy or the master copy of the brand.What they don’t realize is that they are putting themselves at a very high risk of getting skin related problems.In that case I decided to inform the masses about other affordable brands which have some really good quality products and provide a chance to such women to use original products.

The two brands , whose highlighters I have personally used and got some mind blowing results are WET N WILD and NYX. Both of these products have highly pigmented highlighters that provide excellent illuminating effect on the skin without causing any damage. And since I myself have a sensitive skin, I can really vouch for these two brands that they actually did not caused any harm.

WET N WILD – Mega Glo Highlighter

They have their highlighter in three forms; Powder, stick and liquid. All of them give awesome illuminating effect and you can choose according to your skin type. For oily skin I would recommend the Mega Glo powder highlighter and for dry skin you go for the liquid based highlighter. The stick can be used for dry or combination skin. They have different colors available , all priced below 50 AED , also for those who are traveling or want all the colors they can go for the Mega Glo highlighting palette , which again is an excellent option.

NYX – Born to Glow

This is another brand which has got amazing illuminators. They have powder and liquid highlighters available in different colors priced within 60 AED. Also they have different highlighting palettes as well , prices ranging from 100 to 130 AED.


So ladies do try these products and also prefer original make up over the fake ones.Plus an extra piece of information those who live in the United Arab Emirates , there are plenty of deals going on every weekend where you can amazing discounts on these products.Also there is a online women’s Wednesday sale by lifestyle.com.Plus do check Amazon UAE , they have lower prices as well for the beauty products, just be sure to choose the products available at the option Fulfilled by Amazon as they are original.

And for those who live in Karachi , there is a 30% discount offers on Imtiaz Supermarket and Naheed Superstore, so keep checking their online websites to get updated about their latest offers.