Well currenntly cars from Japan are sent to the middle eastern ports from there and then  from there those cars are re exported to other countries African countries and Central Asian states.
The Gwadar port  is right at the edge and it is a natural deep sea port. The time from Japan to reach Gwadar is less than the time from Japan to other ports, therefore, re exporting from Gwadar to other countries will  not only save more time but expenditures too.

Keeping in mind this idea, The Pakistan Automobile Importers will import and make Gwadar the hub for their transit as well as the local trade.

This hub will provide a  platform for re exporting the cars from Gwadar and  it will save time and  money thereby reducing the time and costs both for their onward clients. Instead of going all the way to other middle eastern ports, the prospective buyers in markets such as Africa and Central Asia will be supplied automobiles right from the Gawadar hub.
This will result in a trade volume of a minimum of US$ 16 billion and not only this it will create a number of jobs and will generating  other economic activities as a result of this industry in addition to this  Gawadar port  will possibly bring in the regional map with its trade volume.
The automobiles can and they will be exported from here to Central Asia and Africa as the most probable markets which will provide a huge trade volume in foreign exchange, this hub will also contribute to the economy by generating revenues for the government.The importers wish to play their role in the future of Pakistan by bringing this huge industry into the formal sector.
The Importers will be highlighted and their office bearer promoted as people who are willing to take additional costs by bringing this sector into the formal fold for the development and progress of our economy. The Chairman of The Automotive Traders & Importers Association is Muhammad Naeem (Shano). The Company  which has brought all this together between Gwadar Port and The Automotive Traders & Importers Association is BM 360 whose CEO is Mr. Tariq Hussain.
In this respect a MOU has been signed between Mr. Muhammad Naeem (Shano) of  The Automotive Traders & Importers Association and China Overseas Ports Holding Company Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. (COPHC) facilated my Mr. Tariq Hussain of BM360 who have the marketing and operations agreement with COPHC. Mr. Muhammad Naeem informed that the first ship carrying cars for trans shipment will arrived at Gwadar port by mid of February 2018! This indeed will open door to numerous trade and employment opportunities and will increase the revenue and thus will help in elevating the status of our economic growth and development.
BM360 has successfully signed an agreement by its CEO Syed Tarique Hussain as strategical partner of GITL for upcoming commercial business at Gwadar Port.