Earlier this week a lot speculation was going on about the Ramadan transmission of the Channel that was leading with major Brownie points in the past few months.


Apparently Hum Tv hired Shaista Lodhi for their Ramadan Show, and then Canceled it!

Yes, Hum TV, is out of the competition this Ramadan. While every channel gives its best HUM TV will be sitting back in the ramps.

Shaista Lodhi

Maybe it took them a lot of hard work to make their USP and now they aren’t willing to let go of it, even for the sake of Ramadan…

Maybe by the time they canceled their plans with Shaista, all the best picks were taken..

Or maybe Hum just doesn’t do Ramadan,..

Who knows?

All we know is that, while every channel would be airing a tremendous Ramadan transmission and racking up some great TRPS, hum would not.