During the post-production phase, what came out, as a shock to the producers was the event when Iman Ali, the model-turned-actress, and female protagonist of the movie Mah-e-Mir refused to partake in any promotional events for the movie.

Iman Ali is playing the lead role of Mehtab in this movie, the beautiful courtesan in the Nawab’s court, who ensnared Mir Taqi Mir with her charm and elegance. According to the actress she was concerned more about her part in them as she believed the that the focus of those promotions were perhaps a tad too much towards SanamSaeed, the supporting actress, portraying Naina Kanwal’s character.

Beautiful Iman Ali

Even though this was a real concern to the actress, she overcame her reluctance and she was seen in many of the promotional events held for Mah-e-Mir. On the few occasions Iman couldn’t make it, her dear friend and director of Mah-e-Mir and Fahad Mustafa, the lead actor, were quick to point that her terminal sickness had returned and was the reason behind her absence.