Imran Ashraf recently with his portrayal of an eunuch Shamoo in the super hit serial Alif Allah aur Insaan, he has proved himself as one of the finest actors of our industry. Well according to reliable sources the actor is multi talented and has written a script for Tabeer.


alif allah ur insaan

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“In 2014 I had done 3/4 roles of a villain and because of that I began to get typecast. Whenever a production house would have a role of a negative character, I would be the first one they would approach irrespective of the fact that the character was a bit elder than me in age. But since it would be coming to me the role would be revised to suit me.” tells Imran, he further added, “For me to do the same type of work again and again is murderous as I just can’t do repetitive roles. So it was at that point in time that I sat down and thought that these people would just keep me as a villain and I wont get the chance to show my versatility.”

“I left acting for about 8 months and I was home doing nothing. But then again I thought that if I do nothing I would go blank and it was there that I decided to write a play. I am not a writer. I in fact never wanted to be a writer either and maybe after this I wont write another one and you most probably will see me just as a actor.” said the talented Imran Ashraf.