595b886c1427eThe well awaiting flick Mom which marks legendary Sri Devi ‘s 300th film has released on 7th July 2017 and it has started garnering raving reviews particularly about  its plot and performances. Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Aly was too appreciated by the critics along with Sri Devi’s performances. Critics ranked 4 out of 5 for this movie.

Hindustan Time stated “The supporting cast turns out to be a great asset for director Ravi Udyawar’s film, which brings out the mental trauma experienced by the rape victim just as much as it celebrates Sridevi’s valour.”

Times of India’s review was “Mom reminds you for the umpteenth time that India, or New Delhi specifically, isn’t safe enough for women, especially young girls. And its relevance makes Mom an important watch. Sridevi demonstrates why she is the high-priestess of desi cinema. Supporting her ably is her onscreen husband Anand (Adnan), who plays the polished gent with flair. Dew fresh Sajal Ali, who seems to have grown up watching Kareena Kapoor films, seems like a clone of the senior actor. But this is not to take away from her otherwise adept performance.”

NDTV stated “Sajal Ali, in the role of the troubled daughter, matches the veteran (Sri Devi) of 300 films step for step. Adnan Siddiqui is unwaveringly solid as the doting father and ever-beholden husband who stand like a rock by the two women.”