The very interesting new episode of the most popular serial Ishq Tamasha  was on aired yesterday. It is its 19th Episode and the play has becoming more and more interesting,the credit of it obviously goes to the writer Misbah Naureen and to the director Yasir Nawaz and to all the actors who have given their best performances in this serial. The episode begins when Ghufraan’s mother insults Palwasha  and her mother at their place. Well we really feel sorry for the poor palwasha as she is very sweet and don’t deserve all this but it is really satisfying to see Palwsha’s mother getting insulted as she truly deserves it as if its what is called Karma.

Mirha and Mehraab’s feelings for eachother is very much evident and it seems like Rushna has sensed this too that is why she is feeling insecure. The way Mehraab is taking Mirha’s side when she is blaming her and also forcing her to say sorry for what she is said to her  saying loudly that Mirha is important for Mehraab. Mehraab very cleverly is now using Rushna to solve all problems of Mirha. He demands Rushna to restore Mirha’s honor and to make her accept to her family otherwise he will leave her.

Rushna on forcing of Mehraab tells Wahaaj all the truth, all that what she could have spoken before and could have saved Mirha from all miseries but she didn’t as she is a self centered and selfish girl. She tells Wahaaj all what happened and that Mirha is innocent. Wahaaj is furious on her that who conveniently she has ruined her life. It seems that this confession has opened Wahaaj’s eye and it has returned his feelings for Mirha.


Rushna tells her mother that if she will not accept Mirha, Mehraab will divorce her. So helplessly Rushna’s mother comes to Mehraab’s place to take Mirha back but it seems that she is the same cruel Chachi jaan for Mirha as her behavior towards her is not changed. She has not even replied to her Salam.Mehraab bids farewell to Mirha with a heavy heart. He gives him a cellphone which means that he wanted to stay connected with her. The ending scene was also really very cute and intense where Mehraab is standing on the balcony to see Mirha going. Mehraab’s expressions is too very intense and it seems like that he is keeping strong feelings for Mirha. Will Mirha be accepted by Wahaaj, will she get love and acceptance ?