Episode 24 of the much loved drama serial Ishq Tamasha went on air yesterday  and the play has taken some interesting turns. Well the writer Misbah Noureen must be appreciated for writing such an interesting plot and the director Danish Nawaz for brilliantly directing the play. All actors has given in their best of performances. This episode begins when Palwasha meets Ghufraan. Palwasha has proved that she is not like Rushna. She snubs Ghufraan who was convincing her to get secretly get married.

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Well it should have taken that much time, the time Palwasha took to return home, I mean her rickshaw breaks down and she catches other it takes an hour but the world changes for Mirha in that hour. Wahaaj and her mother blames Mirha like hell for Palwasha’s not being home and makes her responsible for taking her out and making her elope with Ghufraan. Well Wahaaj being really very rude and mean with Mirha and once gain breaks her heart, he even tries to raise his hand on her. It was the time Mirha decides to leave this house as she cannot bear this insulting life she is living there. She leaves the house and started living in a women’s hostel.

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Well on the other hand Mehraab sees a dream where it is raining and Mirha is banging door in the bridal dress. Well it makes him feel that Mirha needs his help. Rushna on the other side seems ill, her severe headache and fainting suggests that she might be suffering from a serious disease. Well lets see what will happen with her. When she goes back to home, Mehraab asks her where she has gone ? she replies in a argumentative tone which makes Mehraab more furious and he ends up in locking her up in the room.

Well when Palwasha returns all drama has been done. Mirha has already left the house and that she is being questioned by her mother and brother, on top of that Ghufraan enters which further messed up the things for Palwasha. Palwasha makes Wahaaj astonished by telling her that she has made her mind to elope with Ghufraan, but it was Mirha who stops her from doing that and it was she who insisted to go with her. Wahaaj was feeling guilty but it was too late, Mirha has left the house for good. He should have believed Mirha instead of being rude with her.