The all new exciting episode #25 of drama serial Ishq Tamasha broadcasted yesterday, the play has become more interesting and for that the writer of the play Misbah Noureen and the director  Danish Nawaz deserves all praises. The episode begins when Mehraab is again getting the same dream and he has the gut feeling that Mirha is passing through a difficullt phase, he tries to call her but Mirha ignores his call and rejects the call which further makes Mehraab more worried as Mirha has never ignored him like this before.

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Palwasha is now resolute that he won’t marry where her mother is planning to marry her off. She argues with her mother but find it fruitless so she calls Rushna who inspite of all restrictions from Mehraab not to go out of the house, she somehow reaches her mother’s house and she fights with her mother for Palwasha the way she used to fight for Mirha. Aqeela has no chills she is really in furious range she slapped Rushna and throws her out of the house. Well Rushna says something which I feel will come true “Aap mera mara hva moun daikengee”

Wahaaj is really feeling very guilty over all his past behavior with Mirha, how rudely he has mishandled her. He meets  Mehraab and asks him about Mirha, Mehraab is clueless but he seems much concerned and he tells him that he will soon find her out. Wahaaj seems moved from Mehraab and he tells him that Mirha was right that you are a good person. By saying that Wahaaj is admitting in his heart that Mehraab is a much better person than the image he has created in his mind.

Life of Rushna will become hell as she has been thrown out of her own house and Mehraab will now make her responsible for Mirha’s missing. Moreover he thinks that Rushna knows about Mirha’s whereabouts which is not true and when Rushna will not tell him about it he will loose his temper and moreover Rusha is also facing health threats. Well lets see what will happen next. On the other side Mirha has created her own world where she is alone and happy to serve others and to live for herself.