The all new another episode #26 of such popular serial Ishq Tamasha on aired yesterday. The story has becoming more and more interesting but we are sad over Mirha breaking the relationship with Wahaaj. The writer Misbah Naureen has done a incredible job so the director Yasir Nawaz. The episode begins with Mehraab terribly missing Mirha and he goes to the places and recalling all her memories. He is so damn sure that Rushna knows where Mirha is and she will give me some hint.

However Rushna denies that she has no knowledge with whom she has ran away.Well Rushna is such a mean character that inspite of being knowing the reality that Mirha has not come to Mehraab ‘s place still still she is throwing all her hatred towards her. Well in reaction Mehraab orders Sabira  to lock her up in the room.Where Rushna is all alone in that room having an other attack of severe headache and she faints too, having no one on her side to take care off.

Wahaaj coincidentally hears his mother where she is expressing all her hate for Mirha and she also said that she is happy that Mirha left the place. Wahaaj is astonished on seeing such vile image of his mother. He said that he don’t want to keep any relation with him and he leaves the place. Wahaaj coincidentally finds Mirha on the other side of the road, he calls her but Mirha ran away in a rickshaw. Wahaaj follows her to her hostel and  requests her roommate to give him Mirha’s number which she reluctantly gives.

Mirha receives his call, and Wahaaj apologizes her but Mirha says that it is over. She cannot always  go through blaming and character attacking by his mother. Mirha said that trust and respect are most important in any relationship and these two elements are missing from their relationship so it should be ended. She says that between love and respect she is choosing respect. It has broken Wahaaj so much so that he has decided to leave his house and returns back to Dubai. Wahaaj’s mother is such an egoist lady that she does not apologizes or tries to stop him from going. Wahaaj puts all blame of his breakup on his mother. Well it is true both Wahaaj and Wahaaj’s mother are equally responsible for this. Watch he next episode on coming Sunday to know what will happen next.