The exciting new episode of the much popular drama serial ‘Ishq Tamasha’ went on air yesterday and the drama has become more and more interesting for that the credit goes to the writer Misbah Noureen and director Danish Nawaz. Well now the play has becoming satisfying as  we can see that Mehraab is making Rushna pay for her sins. She cooks food for Mehraab and takes that to his office, he insults her badly and then he on a rainy night throws her out of the house and she is begging her to open the door same like Mirha did.

Wahaaj on the other side is going crazy after Mirha, he takes care of her every thing but yes one thing is disturbing when Wahaaj’s mother scolds her and taunts her, he does not not defend her the way he should be. Well the question comes in mind is Mirha equally have the same feelings for her? Well it seems that Mirha is happy with Wahaaj and love to see him taking care of her. Wahaaj thinks of her as his lucky charm.


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Well Mehraab is badly missing Mirha, not for a single second she is out of her mind. He is always occupied with her thoughts. He finally manages to call her and complains that she is not missing her and through that call he gets to hear all the cruel taunting of her chachi and he could not stop himself to coming after Mirha. He tries to pressurize her Chachi that she is not keeping her promise but Chachi’s reaction is so fierce. Chachi puts the whole blame again on Mirha that it is she who has complained him about her behaviour.

Mehraab excuses Mirha on call for putting her again in a trouble? Mirha ‘s reply to Mehraab is just breaking our heart she tells her not to see her again as for her he is husband of Rushna and nothing more and that she is now not her responsibility. Mirha is really scared as Chachi scolds her and she has threatened her that she will tell about this to Wahaaj. Mirha is now worried that how Wahaaj will react on this? Watch the next episode to know what happens next.