According to the buzz around B-town, it seems that John and Priya’s wedding is on the rocks. If you remember, the two got married in a very hush-hush wedding after John dumped Bipasha Basu who had been in a relationship with him for many years. Well, according to the sources, the main cause of problems between the husband and wife is due to the long distance relationship the two are in. As we all know that Priya resides in USA and has her own career while John is busy with his Bollywood career in India.

Though it is kind of ironic, that his ex-flame Bipasha recently walked down the aisle towards marital bliss while John is facing trouble in his paradise. We sincerely wish that the John and Priya sort out these issues as soon as possible. After all, we at Tweetistan believe in a “Happily ever after” for everyone!