Junaid JAmshed’s demise has shaken up the country and fans all over the world. The wide chasm between the kinds of fans and followers he had, is also a wonder. Starting off as a singer the man died like a martyr, indeed, very few are granted such a blessed existence!! Here are a few accomplishments of out beloved J.J we’d liked to share!!

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Junaid Jamshed was the Son of a retired colonel of the Pakistan air force, educationally a mechanical engineer, professionally a singer  but he later became one of the most famous and influential preachers of Islam. Junaid Jamshed was one the most famous personalities of Pakistan, he was not only known in Pakistan but also worldwide.

Junaid Jamshed was famous for his singing, one of his hits is Dil Dil Pakistan which is still in the hearts of Pakistanis and is the most played song during the month of August and especially on the 14th. In 2004 J.J suddenly stopped his career in singing and started preaching and reciting Naats. Muhammad ka Roza was his first and the most heart touching Naat recited by him. He was not only a preacher but also a businessman who owned one of the most renowned Pakistani brand J. (Jay. Dot).

Perhaps the turning point of his life was 9/11, after the incident of 9/11 his concert was cancelled and that out a dent on his finances which in return resulted in bankrupcy, he then switched his profession from singing and started working as a mechanical engineer and soon started preaching and reciting nasheeds.  Perhaps it is easy to bow down in sujood when life throws you on your knees.

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On December 7, 2016 Junaid along with his wife died in PIA Flight 661 crash incident. His plane crashed in Hawelian, on return from a tablighi jammat from Chitral. They say he died a martyr, maybe he did, only God knows about that. What we know is that he made millions of people realize the importance of their religion and faith, this man alone impacted so many lives, he is bound to be blessed. Amen!