This is the second time that the reality star has filed for Divorce from the retired basketball player Lamar Odom.

Months earlier she filed for divorce claiming “irreconcilable differences” but soon canceled it as Lamar was left comatose from an overdose in a BROTHEL in Nevada, damn that’s some hardcore cheating!

Proving to be one loving wife Khloe stayed on his bed side in the hospital helping him recover and fans hoped that they might get back together, but No.

Even though Khloe has admitted that a relationship with Lamar would be “The best dream” and called him the love of her life but as soon as Lamar got well he returned to his old ways of substance abuse and cheating and ignoring appeals to remains sober, as it turns out this proved a bit too much for Khloe who finally decided to put an end to it.

And now on her app she has shared some thoughts on how to get over your EX, hmm something’s related here,

On a video posted by her, she mentioned some helpful tips,

The busier you are the less you are going to think about something.”

“So try to consume your thoughts with really productive things. Try to find a hobby and keep yourself busy in a really positive way.”


She also added,

“The more alone you are the more you think about something. You’re just going to over-think and our brains play tricks on us, which is never healthy. And eventually everyday it will get better and better.”

“Or surround yourself by friends and family that you love that really occupy your mind—I think that is super important,” 

Well we can just hope for the best for them and part with one advice, “NEVER MARRY SOMEONE AFTER JUST A MONTH OF DATING”