The trend of spreading positivism through various campaigns by leading Brands is highly commendable,they took a step ahead of commercialism and started spreading public messages along with product promotions. Recently such promotional Campaigns were witnessed during the holy month of Ramazan. Now this latest Blue Band Campaign is one such example of a Brilliant Campaign for differently abled children.

One of the greatest tragedy with the differently abled Children were their acceptance in society. In past Ali Hamza sang a song ‘aao hamaray saath chalo’ for Karachi Down Syndrome Program. The main message  of the song is about including the people with Down Syndrome in our society. Similarly this campaign is the emphasis on creating an environment which welcomes such differently abled kids as its part. As being different abled certainly does not mean no ability. If given them little support and care, they can also play a productive part of our society.

Blue band TVC conveys the idea that this awareness begins at home. The responsibility of creating such an environment where each and every individual is treated equally, particularly the handicapped kids lies on the shoulders on each and every mother. As the tagline of their Campaign says
‘Jab Blue Band khayal rakhay in ki sehat ka, tou aap khayal rakh sakti hain in ki tarbiyat ka’
Blue Band very brilliantly delivered the message through their TVC in which they have not used any typical product promotion and marketing strategy. Instead of being commercial Blue Band fulfilled its duty as a responsible citizen in promoting this noble cause. Kudos Blue Band!vlcsnap-2017-07-08-01h20m55s130-750x290