Madeha Imam and Sami Khan are both well known and highly-praised names of Pakistan’s drama industry. If Sami Khan is a heartthrob then Madeha Imam is also adored for her charismatic personality and bubbly face. Both endure exquisite acting skills and have performed in numerous hit serials.

Now for the first time these gems have been featured together in a drama serial, in which they are portraying relatively contrasting roles! Madeha starring as Dhaani, a middle class girl who loves colors, live carelessly, full of fun and merry-making, whereas Sami Khan is playing a role of a business tycoon’s son, Sameer who is ambitious, determined and a man who never loses! Both belong to entirely different backgrounds and social status, but when they met, a friendship quickly popped up between them. Now as more episodes are going on-air, we are getting a hint of some special bond between these two. But for time being they are “JUST FRIENDS”!

So sooner or later they are going to fall for it for sure! But what will happen when the two will be pulled together in a powerful force which doesn’t discriminate? Which we all call love?

Set in an exquisite way possible, this drama serial, beautifully named “Dhaani”, signifies an absolute journey of a girl and a boy who fall in love, despite of all the differences. The director Ali Faizan, similar to his previous works, has done an amazing job while setting up this alluring love story. So if you are in for some fun-filled, adventurous love tale, Dhaani is the one to watch.

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