Mah-e-Mir a breakthrough in the history of film-making, is a movie shot in contemporary times, both in modern day Karachi and 18th century Delhi. With its Mughal era setups, soulful music and intense dialogues, this movie is a perfect reminder for the people of Pakistan of their culture and its roots. Watching this movie would be like taking a step back into time and see Urdu language flourish and develop, the foundations of a legend being laid and most of all watching our own culture in its primal form, so different from what these things have become now.

Mir Taqi Mir is a legendary Urdu poet, and drawing Jamal’s life parallel to him, would open up the audience’s perception to the stark difference between the times two centuries back and now, but moreshocking would be the fact that however different the times may be, they all would find Jamal’s feelings relatable one time or another. With the intricately detailed sets, poetry-like dialogues, exceptional acting and opulent aesthetics Mah-e-Mir would take you back to a time where you’ve never imagined to be, a time when Urdu language was flourishing, dance was an art, love was forbidden and artists went insane with desolation and longing.