Mah-e-Mir is a work of Producers, Badar Ikram, director Anjum Shahzad, and writer Sarmad Sehbai. The movie is shot in contemporary times both in modern day Karachi and 18th century Delhi. It’s a movie of encapsulating a lot of brilliant ideas and many metaphors, but to make the movie sets realistic and depict the pure essence of that long gone era was a task with an unreachable level of difficulty. Yet, the production team and the directors pulled it off beautifully, no expenses were spared; everything was made to compliment the other perfectly.Iman Ali

If the set required candlelight , that’s what it got and because a lot of scenes were shot to capture the essence of an 18th century time period a record-breaking number of candles were consumed, so much that the budget for candles only was exhausted.