Well we all do age it is something inevitable, Mahira Khan the ravishing queen is accepting it in graceful way, she shared it on her Instagram account with her pic and the caption, “I saw these pictures and thought – ‘Damn I look older’. I do. I feel it. In my bones. On my face. The white strands in my hair. And I quite like it – not nearly as much as I love the kid in me, but it’s getting there.” This is Mahira’s take on her aging recently Hadeeqa also schooled one of her fans on Instagram with the comment, “Heads up ladies, you’re all going to age, you’re all going to gain a few pounds or lose a few pounds, get a few wrinkles and despite your success and independence, society will try to judge you and tell you to conform to their standards.” she further added, “The idea that you’re supposed to just die and get locked in a house after age 35 as a woman in this country needs to end. If Allah gives me the energy, strength and motivation to be this active when I’m 55, 65 or 75 and if I want to be this active, then I will,” Hadiqa wrote.