Well what an inspiration our ravishing Queen is ! The way she talk about harassment  is so wise and reasoned. Her latest interview with BBC World, Mahira Khan very intelligently addressed the issues of all sorts of  harassment including sexual harassment and misconduct. Mahira also talks about power dynamics how the victims are usually the weak ones and younger girls  who are more vulnerable, she considered herself fortunate as she herself never experienced any harassment. She also stated the reason that maybe she entered industry in a age she was mature and a mother.

Mahira also shared her feelings about Ranbir controversy saying that you won’t feel good when you are criticized specially when you have been so much loved. However it is wrong that someone encroached me but after all I am a public figure.

Well overall Mahira Khan’s interview on BBC was  an inspirational one in its truest sense. The actress specified how people who are bit powerful could make a difference, they need to empower others to speak up about cases of abuse and harassment. According to Mahira it isn’t the girl’s or anybody else’s conduct in the matter that allows the other to harass, she emphasized that it is not like that “my conduct was sort of good conduct” so it could be the reason I have not faced any harassment, the conduct doesn’t matter. Well but it seems some people are not happy about her views anchor Sana Bucha tweeted a tweet indirectly targeted her of being so Flippant  about harassment.


Well what actually Sana meant by being Flippant is God Knows  but i have watched her whole interview not for a single moment I felt that Mahira is being non serious about  such grave issue in fact I felt she very wisely addressed it.