Mawra Hocane is one cute gal of our industry whose sweet yet witty manner of expressing reflects her wise self. So the news is when pics of  Mahira and Ranbhir’s saga went viral every body thought that it is their very right to judge Mahira and they accused her for what not. That trolls just not ended here they also not spared Mawra and tried to drag her too into this. As Mawra has expressed on so many public forums and on her social media accounts her deep feelings for Ranbhir. Mawra did not responded nor she said not a single word. she just tweeted a heart breaking couplet in such a witty manner seems as if she is enjoying her heartbreak. Though that couplet reflects her classy choice of poetry as well as her feelings.

She later tweeted in support of Mahira. Mawra is love love you girl <3