Well Burger lovers gonna love Burgers no matter what, so are the McDonald’s loyalists. Here is an example where a couple celebrated their most precious moments, their post Nikkah moments by having McDonald’s ice cream at their outlet! Is’nt it strange? no long drive, no walks on beach or some candle light dinner but a  family and friends hangout in a Burger outlet! what does it says?

So, what's your childhood dream ? 😍 #McDonald's #imlovingit #susralsepehlayMcdonalds #weddinggoals

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It says that the person shares a special bond with that Burger shop. Yes McDonald’s is like a family! It is not like bride wanted to have ice cream so she just get there, she wanted to spend her precious moments with McDonald’s! The Bride has McDonald’s on her wedding day because she wanted to live her dream! and her dream was fulfilled! Wow it give us all Couple goals! She not only had visited McDonald’s but also uploaded the picture on her Facebook account with the caption one dream fulfilled <3 McDonald’s since forever <3! Well what days it says McDonald’s is at number one her post wedding wish list!


Well McDonald’s is a casual place and we all know eating burger is a casual affair, it has never been a formal thing plus the sauces in the burger can mess up with all your lipstick and makeup. However for those who wanna live up their dreams these things doesn’t matter at all. She wished and she did! The bride scoff down a burger, fries and ice cream in her Wedding dress! making her wedding a true McFairy Tale Wedding!